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At It Again.!!!

South Jersey artist Gotime is back with another release. When will it stop? Few weeks ago, Gotime released a single called “Pancakes” produced by Urban Nerd Beats, and now a new Ep?! After following Gotime on his social media accounts I seen that the artist is starting to gain traction on the Apple Music platform with streams going as high as 10,000 in a week‘s time. See for yourself below. The newly released EP “Up In Smoke,” features Co-owner of BTAMF Music LLC, and producer for the label DJ Smoke1. All the records on the project are produced by Smoke.. I like what I’m seeing from these guys, looking forward to hearing more of their work in 2021.

For master link to “Up In Smoke,” click the link below:

Pics Of Gotime‘s Apple Music Stream in 2021:

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