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    Gotime is an independent artist who was born and raised in South Jersey. He originates from a small town called Woodbury. Similar to a lot of minorities, Gotime is the product of single-mother household. Unfortunately, having to serve a 10 year prison sentence his father was absent for majority of his childhood.
    Gotime began recording music on a professional level at age 18, but the fire was lit at age 14. He was formerly known as Patch, and was part of a group called (R.A.G.T.A.G). Founded by the late underground rap legend out of South Jersey named Rich Quick. The group consisted of 5 members including Gotime. Those members consisted of Moesama, Tone-Loc, the late J-Wev(Jevin Liles), Patch aka Gotime, Rich Quick, Shad Dook. In years to come they all would part ways and pursue their individual careers.
     Gotime has released several projects on the major platforms, has appeared on Sway’s Universe, caught the attention of former State Property member Oschino Vasquez was featured on Right Now a single released by Gotime in 2018. He has opened up for major acts such as Future, Wacka Flacka, & Wiz Khalifa. Part owner of BTAMF Music, LLC , now working with artists like Cannon Cobain Sash P, Ayoo Kece and long time friend, mentor, now business partners Wizzie & Dj Smoke1, Gotime is destined for greatness. Gotime’s melodic flows, songwriting abilities, stage presence, and most importantly his work ethic are very captivating and is undeniably the reason why he’s up next.




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